Ready to sound great on paper?

about-writingYou’re in the right place if:

  • You know you have a book in you, but it’s stuck.
  • You’ve got something partially written, but you know it isn’t quite there yet.
  • You want to write a book proposal that attracts the attention of literary agents and acquiring editors.
  • You’d rather serve your audience then sit in front of an intimidating empty Word doc. Cursor blinking, blinking, blinking…
  • You didn’t spot the typo above.

“But everyone else is doing it themselves!”

Here’s a well kept secret: no, they’re not.

About Chantel Hamilton

Many of the authors, business owners, and creative entrepreneurs you know and admire have help. They partner with writers, editors, and consultants to perfect their words for the best possible response. They don’t even try to do it all themselves.

The best writers reach out to a professional editor and say, “Here’s what I want to say. Can you help?”

You bet I can.

I’m a trained, accredited writer and editor who has spent the last 15+ years helping my clients be better, braver writers. My specialty is in developmental editing —that is, I help you turn your idea or rough draft into something that fulfills your vision and connects with your ideal readers.

I’ve also got a team of trained and experienced editors at every level of the process. That means that if I’m not quite the right fit for your project, I can likely pair you with someone who is. When we finish your project, you’ll have a piece of writing that you’re proud to publish, put your name on, and share with the world.

We’ve got a bunch of happy, loyal clients and a standing devotion to making your book or book proposal compelling, entertaining, and full of personality—yours, not ours.

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