You’ve seen before and after pictures. Let’s get you some after words.

Whether you have an idea, a rough draft, or a near-complete piece of writing, you know that it can be better. We all feel this way. Bring me your before, and together, we’ll turn it into an after. 

Check out your options below.

If you’re writing a book…

I partner with authors early in the writing process to save you time and energy on your path to writing a great book. If you’ve got an idea or a rough draft, I can help you turn it into the thing your readers have been waiting for.

Books I’ve edited have landed on bestseller lists and in best-of roundups, but more importantly, they’ve reached the people they were meant to reach, and have helped thousands of readers all over the world. Here are a few recent projects:

Rise Of The Youpreneur - Chris Ducker

Real Artists Don't Starve - Jeff Goins

The Variable Life - John Weirick

Master Content Marketing - Pamela Wilson

The Consultant's Code by Andy Fry

Difficult Happens by Lara Currie

Your Mother Was Right by Sandra McDowell

Before I Let You Go by Kirsten Wreggitt

If you have a blog or newsletter…

I work with bloggers and business owners who are experts in their industries, and who do not consider themselves professional writers on top of it all. They know the standards of quality writing on the internet are going up, though, and they’re committed to delivering the absolute best value for their readers’ time.

My ghostwriting clients are confidential, but here are a few of my editing clients—that is, business owners who write their own posts and articles, and then partner with me to make it even better:

Jason Zook

“I’m smiling ear-to-ear. The way you brought in extra thoughts and information, and rounded the article out without me being involved at all was perfect.”
Jason Zook |

Jeff Sheldon

“I’ve been wanting to share more about how I design and run my business, but writing always felt like a chore to me. I realized it was mainly because I’d get stuck on the last 10% finessing and reworking the copy until I was happy with it. Working with Chantel has taken away that friction and allowed me to freely write, not worrying about whether I have everything completely polished.

What I love most about working with Chantel is that she edits from a content perspective not just simple proofreading. She asks good questions and proposes ideas that help to draw me out and really make each post feel cohesive and engaging.

Honestly, working with her is one of the best investments I’ve made for my business.”

Jeff Sheldon | Ugmonk


“Chantel is the best collaborator I could have found to help me with my project to update my website. I couldn’t be happier with the results and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Chantel listens very carefully to what I want and adds a layer of what I needed. She takes my vision and skillfully crafts just the right message. It is such pleasure working with Chantel that I’ve decided to hire her for another project!”
Ruth Chancellor | Chancellor Designs

Custom Project IconIf you’re working on a custom communications project…

My professional training and experience are in writing, editing, and communications, which means I know how to make any kind of writing better. Whatever the thing is you need to write, chances are good I’ve done it before and would be thrilled to do it again.

Here’s a recent sampling of some custom communications projects I’ve helped with:

  • White papers
  • Speeches
  • Video scripts

  • Website text
  • Magazine articles
  • Sales pages

  • Email funnels
  • Book proposals
  • Technical reports