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“Chantel is exactly the type of person you want in your corner—always pushing for bolder and better, while never forgetting the underlying motivation and purpose behind your project.”
Pat Flynn | Smart Passive Income

“Chantel’s professionalism is why I sought to work with her. She is clear and confident about the value she adds to your writing, which is supported by her experience. Oh, her timeliness with deliverables is impeccable, too! Honestly, she’s an amazing creative collaborator!”
Roland Achenjang | author, Who & Why You Are: All You Need to Remember

Pamela Wilson

“I’m wrapping up my first book, and want to take a moment to share what it was like to work with Chantel of Afterwords Communication.

Since this was the first book I’d written, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Chantel was flexible, responsive, and helpful every step of the way — a relief for a brand new author.

Chantel did the structural editing pass on my book — an important step that she handled with grace. Her suggestions were a mix of encouragement about what I’d done, and thoughtful ideas about how it could be improved. I felt completely supported by a smart, interested, and engaged editor.

I’d highly recommend Afterwords Communication and Chantel. She’s the smart, savvy advocate that every author needs.”

Pamela Wilson | Executive Vice President of Educational Content, Rainmaker Digital

“Thank you for your insight and suggestions. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.”
Jeeti Pooni | author and motivational speaker

Jason Zook

“I’m smiling ear-to-ear. The way you brought in extra thoughts and information, and rounded the article out without me being involved at all was perfect.”
Jason Zook | owner,

“I agree with your structure and will work it accordingly.”
Osita Chidoka | Governorship Aspirant, Anambra State, Former Minister of Aviation, Former Corps Marshal FRSC

Anthony Ongaro

“I wanted to write a book in large part so I could work with Chantel.”
Anthony Ongaro | author, Break the Twitch

Jeff Sheldon

“I’ve been wanting to share more about how I design and run my business, but writing always felt like a chore to me. I realized it was mainly because I’d get stuck on the last 10% finessing and reworking the copy until I was happy with it. Working with Chantel has taken away that friction and allowed me to freely write, not worrying about whether I have everything completely polished.

What I love most about working with Chantel is that she edits from a content perspective not just simple proofreading. She asks good questions and proposes ideas that help to draw me out and really make each post feel cohesive and engaging.

Honestly, working with her is one of the best investments I’ve made for my business.”

Jeff Sheldon | Ugmonk

“Chantel has an amazing way of being completely present during conversations. It’s not often you find someone who “just gets it.” Chantel is one of those people. If you think I’m being too cryptic, then work with her. You’ll see what I’m talking about.”


“Over time, Chantel’s gentle voice took me from a (very) rough draft to a book with flow and story. She met every one of my stubborn arguments with a soft understanding and a library full of experience. Chantel is deeply kind and encouraging–two things you may not realize you need, but that adds an invaluable, protective shield during the vulnerable process of writing a book.”


John Weirick

“When readers comment on the polished rhythm of stories in my book, I’m quick to tell them about Chantel, who is as sharp as she is kind. My manuscript needed her, and I’m grateful for her editorial expertise and wisdom refined its heart and smoothed its rough edges. If only more of us lived like she edits: drawing out the purpose and personality of every story.”
John Weirick | author, The Variable Life

“I’ve worked (and continue to do so!) with Chantel on a number of projects over the years. Everything from creating content for my websites, to video scripting, through to full-blown book development and editing. She’s a true master at her craft, deliveries excellent work, and at an incredibly high standard. What more could you ask for?!”
Chris Ducker | Youpreneur founder and author, Rise of the Youpreneur


“Working with Chantel has been hands down THE best money I have spent on my business—and I have spent a LOT of money, trust me!!! I have worked with other copywriters, but never have I had one who “got me” like Chantel did. She found the words to say exactly what I knew in my heart but couldn’t articulate. She is BRILLIANT!!! What a gift to me to truly be “seen” for who I am.”
Susan Hargraves | owner, Rooms That Work


“I thought I was a decent writer—but once I saw what Chantel could create for us, I realized I had better stick with what I do best and leave the writing to a professional!”
Tracy Fortin | owner, Flawless Interiors


“I am thoroughly enjoying working with Chantel to write and deliver our monthly company newsletter. We might only have an inkling of an idea for an article, and she asks the right questions to pull out a deeper understanding of the issues. Our clients say that our newsletter is interesting and they look forward to receiving it. It has generated new work from current clients and interest from potential clients. Chantel is fun to work with, yet extremely professional.”
Deidra Helmig | owner, Boreal Services Group


“I choose Chantel for many reasons, including her skill and speed when editing technical reports, exceptional customer service, and a general understanding of our core business (construction). I continue to collaborate with Chantel on a number of different initiatives, and I always appreciate her insight and honesty. I especially love her passion for her work and her ability to articulate complex principles to the uninitiated. She is talented, hard-working, and develops true connections with colleagues….an uncommon combination!”
Amy Kellestine | PCL Constructors Inc.


“Chantel is the best collaborator I could have found to help me with my project to update my website. I couldn’t be happier with the results and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Chantel listens very carefully to what I want and adds a layer of what I needed. She takes my vision and skillfully crafts just the right message. It is such pleasure working with Chantel that I’ve decided to hire her for another project!”
Ruth Chancellor | owner, Chancellor Designs

Kelly Bernier

“I really do not know how I was getting along in my business before I met Chantel! She is so good with words—extraordinary! She has helped me accomplish goals I did not even know I had. My business has grown on my blog and website, and now my new monthly newsletter from her help and direction. She helped me find who my clients and readers are and why they come to me. Invaluable information I have learned. She is the best, and I will continue to use her services because I can’t afford not to!!”
Kelly Bernier | owner, Kelly Bernier Designs


“Chantel has an indisputable talent for creating written copy that resonates with the reader. Her ability to understand what is important to her target audience while meeting the needs of her clients makes her a profoundly effective communicator and consultant.”
Darcy Belanger | PCL Constructors Inc.


“Chantel has a sharp mind, availing her with exceptional insight into communications needs. She offers clear direction and is able to see the big picture, yet concentrate on the details. Combined with her engaging personality, working with Chantel is a pleasure.”
Robina Zyp | owner, Zyp Creative

Janice Tomich

“As a writer and a communication professional who works independently, I realized I needed outside expertise to write my own website content. I know it sounds odd, but when we need to write about ourselves, we are often challenged and struggle with shining a light on our own strengths. Chantel worked with me to unearth nuggets about my approach and services that I took for granted. The first person to hire me after working with Chantel perfectly fit the ideal client profile that we had established. She did a beautiful job on my website rewrite. I’m really pleased. And Chantel, thank you for your patience with all the niggling details. I appreciate that you took all my input in stride and never failed to come back with an even better version and a smile. That’s worth gold!”
Janice Tomich | owner, Calculated Presentations


“Chantel is an excellent writer and communications specialist with a strong work ethic and good organizational skills. Her professionalism and interpersonal relations make her a pleasure to work with.”
Andrea Collins | owner, ROI Communications


“Chantel is a disciplined and strong communications professional who continuously demonstrates the standard of excellence required for first-class communications strategizing, planning, and delivery. She is dedicated to writing as the nucleus of solid communications work, bringing with her a high degree of knowledge in Canadian and US grammar, style, and structure. This discipline, dedication, and knowledge rewards her clients with the confidence required to push the “go” button on any communications she has worked on!”
Wade Wilson | Caritas Foundation

Lara Currie

“What an amazing partnership for my first book! Chantel truly brought out the best in me. Her intuition, probing questions, and ability to clearly and succinctly pull the nugget of gold from a sentence that has gone awry amazes me. Working with her has been such a pleasure. My book would not be a reality if it weren’t for her guiding hands.”
Lara Currie | author, Difficult Happens


“When I originally reached out to Chantel, I thought I was looking for some feedback on copy/grammar tweaks I could make to the sales page for my new course. But, of course, that’s not at all what I was given. Chantel tore into my sales page and uncovered all the holes and “gotchas” that would have kept people from buying. She not only improved my copy, but she improved it in a way that would generate more sales — which is exactly what I was hoping for. I’d highly recommend Chantel do the same for your business.”
Brennan Dunn | owner, Double Your Freelancing

Cory Verner - Verity Audio Productions

“I’ve thought of you several times recently as people have commented that they really liked our website and more specifically a few have mentioned the writing!  Wow, who comments on the copy for your website!?  I guess they do when you hire a pro!”

Cory Verner | Verity Audio Productions

Jay Owen - Design Extensions

“I’ve talked about writing a book for quite a while, but getting it done was another story altogether. Without Chantel, I’m not sure I would have finished it, and if I had, it wouldn’t have turned out nearly as well. If you’re looking for someone who will help guide you toward your vision of the book you’ve always wanted to write, look no further than Afterwords Communications!”

Jay Owen | Owner, Design Extensions

Melissa Gordon - Work@Home

“Thanks so much for your encouragement all along the way. It’s been invaluable to the process, and my confidence to take my story forth into the world! I am thrilled with the outcome!”

Melissa Gordon | author, Work@Home